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This is my first ‘real’ post here. Been super busy since I’ve set the site up but I wanted to share with the world a program that I’ve written. I call it ‘Goblin Messenger’ and its something I’ve worked on for about a month or so. I had an idea from my child hood where I would use pen and paper to make a cipher and send it to my friends, and now I’ve made the same idea as a digital version.

The premise of the program is simple, it takes an input message and then it scrambles it based upon an algorithm based upon a grid and a seed (key). You can then share this scramble text with a friend (don’t send the text and key together) and they can then use the program to unscramble it. I don’t want to say “encrypt” because at this time there is nothing doing any bitwise manipulation of the actual data being input (e.g. I’m not shifting a character to another ASCII value.) This is more of a cipher program written as a way to pass messages between friends and keep it secure. 

The features so far are:

  1. Encode (cipher) a message
    • You provide a message to scramble, and it scrambles it.
    • The output of the program is the scrambled text and the ‘key’ used to scramble it.
    • You can make a message and keep using the same key for future messages (pre-shared key) this way you don’t need to come up with a way to share the message and the key every time. Just use the same key.
  2. Decode a message
    • It is what you would expect. You give it the scramble and the key and it does the magic. Plain and simple.

You can find my source code for this program over on the Repl.it website here:

I would love to have any feedback or suggestions for future additions.

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